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 My name is Kate and I have been working on this website because I had alot of questions about choosing a surgeon for SRS that there either were no answers to, or were spread out all over the internet. As a 23 year old MTF that transitioned four years ago, I know how important it is to be organized and well informed during these trying times. Believe me when I say I could not imagine my life in any other way then it is now.

 When I first came out, I was living in the southern United States and people were not receptive of my transition. I tried many different ways to save money for surgery but to no avail. I moved in with a friend and through a long chain of events, ended up homeless. Getting a job when one’s identification does not match one’s identity is not the easiest thing to do when living in Virginia.

 One good thing that did happen in Virginia was meeting my soul mate. When I was going through a deep depression I sent my future wife a message on Myspace (does anyone even use that site anymore?) and she responded. A half year later, we met and hit it off. A year after meeting, we got married. It is complete bliss and I know that great things are going to happen now that we are together. Although I am still saving for SRS, she accepts me for who I am and we are both working toward the goal of getting my surgery.

 We have recently moved to New Hampshire so we can be married lesbians without questions, mocks, and stares. We feel our move from the South was a great decision and are happy to start our lives. I hope my site helps to find out what you need to select the surgeon that is right for you, and feel free to contact me if you need anything!

 I am still trying to afford surgery myself, so please donate or check out any ads that interest you to help me out. :)

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