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Your Guide to Transgender Surgeries

How to Afford SRS:

 For many people seeking surgery, it is very difficult to come up with enough money. Many people don't understand the need. Insurance usually won't cover it in the United States. Unless you have very good credit, you can't get a loan. It can be hard, or impossible to get correct identification or even find a job before surgery. You can check out our United States LGBT jobs board to look for employment.

 The more you save or make money the sooner you can afford surgery. Here are some things that I have tried to help afford sex reassignment surgery: 


The Jim Collins Foundation

 The mission of the Jim Collins Foundation is to provide financial assistance to transgender people for gender confirming surgeries. It is very hard to get approved with so many people needing surgery, but worth applying to.

Paid Transgender Research Studies:

Tell them that www.TSSurgeryGuide.com sent you. :)

Cash Back:

Big Crumbs

 Big Crumbs is a great cash back site that I use to get money back for online purchases. It combines with credit card cash back, and you can still use coupon codes, so you can save 10-50% on many online purchases. 

Paypal Debit Card

 The Paypal debit card will give you 1% cash back on everything that you buy with it. It is free to use and can take the money out of your Paypal balance or regular bank account.

Saving and Budgeting:


 The first step to being able to afford a sex change operation is saving up. I use Mint.com for this because it's free and you can set goals and budgets. It can keep track of all the money you spend in multiple bank accounts. You can also use it as an app.



 Do you know your credit score? If you check before applying for a loan you will know your odds of being approved. You might also want to check that it doesn't have the wrong name and information.

Small Online Jobs:

Amazon Mechanical Turk

 Mturk lets you complete small tasks for small amounts of money. It is run by Amazon.com. You won't get rich, but you could make a few dollars a day.


 You answer questions for their text answering service. They do pay, but you never know when they will randomly deactivate you because you are an independent contractor. 

I wrote a full ChaCha review.


 It is similar to ChaCha, I haven't tried it personally though. You need to pass a test, and they have scheduled shifts.

Price Comparison:


 You can compare prices of flights and hotels with Priceline. You may be able to save some money on traveling and a hotel when you get surgery.


 SkyScanner is a free service that searches through thousands of flights for the most affordable airline tickets.


Gomez Peer

 Gomez Peer is a program that you run on your computer, and it tests web pages in the background. It does  not slow down my computer at all and pays me about $6-8 USD per month. It can take you a month to be activated though, you will have to keep it running until then.

You can read my Gomez Peer review.


 You will find tons of sweepstakes online. So far the best thing that I have won is an ipad 2 from Shuttle Fare, it's all luck though and you will need to enter hundreds a week to consistently win.

Here is a Google search bar for your convenience: