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ChaCha Guide Review:


Is Being a ChaCha Guide Worth It?

 If you have been looking online for a way to make money you may feel like giving up. Many times you are just looking for some side money, or maybe you have no other work options. It's hard to find something that actually pays at all.

 The good news is, there is a way to make money online. One way that I have found is answering questions that people ask, through the text message answering service ChaCha. ChaCha pays independent contractors which it calls "guides" to answer these questions at home using their computers. Since you are an independent contractor you are not an employee. You are someone privately employed that they pay to provide a service to them. By doing so you are responsible for paying your own taxes and you make what the contract states. They don't have to pay you minimum wage, since you are not employed.

 ChaCha has several job types. My experience is with the generalist/specialist role. A generalist/specialist basically receives questions and tries to find the answers using a combination of ChaCha quick links and regular internet searches as fast as possible. An expediter fixes questions, answers some and directs them to generalist/specialists. There are also voice transcribers that write down prerecorded audio questions and give them to expediters. Vetters try to select previous answers for a quick response.

 ChaCha pay rates can change at any time. They pay about .10 to .20 cents per question, depending on what category and the estimated time it takes to answer it. So how much money you make a hour mostly depends on how fast you can answer a question. It also depends on how many questions are being asked. If you are sitting around waiting on questions you won't make much money. On average most people seem to make between $3 and $6 a hour. They currently have a pay me now option where they charge you a $1 fee and pay through Paypal or you can have your money direct deposited into your bank account once a month if you have earned at least $150.

 While $3-$6 a hour doesn't seem like much, it can be a a lot for someone that can't work a normal job for whatever reason and needs a way to make more money. It can be especially useful if you are disabled and need a way to make some extra money from home, or even bed. It's very flexible. When things aren't so busy you can watch a movie, play games or do other work until a question is asked. Plus you can work all day or take a break for a week as you wanted or needed.

 If you like to learn random facts being a ChaCha guide is a nice way to learn all kinds of things. Also it can increase your search skills from good to great.

 Since you are an independent contractor, they can let you go at any time. You should make sure to answer the questions as well as possible.

So is ChaCha worth working for?

 All in all you will find ChaCha worth it if you have some extra time, need extra money or if you don't have normal options to make money. If it sounds like something you may be interested in, it wouldn't hurt to try. It doesn't cost any money, so all you would lose is whatever time you put in if you don't like it. If you want to become a guide or want more information about job roles here is a link to ChaCha. You can put info@tssurgeryguide.com as your referral.

Here is a screenshot of my last payment:

Feel free to post a comment if you want more information.