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Dr. McGinn SRS/GRS Guide:


Dr. Christine McGinn, D.O.
Papillon Center
18 Village Row, Suite 43
Logan Square
Lower York Road (202)
New Hope, PA 18938
Phone: (1) 215 693-1199
Fax: (1) 215 693-1197
Email: PapillonCenter@gmail.com
Website: www.drchristinemcginn.com

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 The following information is provided as a guide to assist in discovering, researching and selecting a surgeon. After you have narrowed down your search, it is your responsibility to double check the information and ask them any questions that you may have. If you discover any updated or incorrect information, please email info@tssurgeryguide.com so that it can be corrected. Thank you.


 Doctor Christine McGinn D.O. is a plastic surgeon in the United States that was trained specifically for transgender surgeries. She is constantly involved in the community as an activist and a speaker.

 Dr. McGinn is the founder of the Papillon Center in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The center doesn't just focus on surgery, they also provide counseling, electrolysis and hormone therapy services.

Surgery Requirements:

 The Papillon Center follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines. They require you to have letters of recommendation for surgery. These letters must be written by a licensed psychiatrist, counselor, psychologist, therapist or sexologist.

(List of online gender therapists that provide surgery letters)


You must quit smoking at least a month before SRS. This is for your own health and safety. Smoking can interfere with your ability to heal.


 Your body mass index (BMI) must be less than 28. You can calculate your BMI at www.bmi-calculator.net.


 For MTFs, you will need to stop taking estrogen and progesterone 2 weeks before surgery. This is to reduce the chances of deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) during and after surgery.

 FTM patients must stop testosterone 1-2 weeks before metoidioplasty (depends on if IM or transdermal) and 2 1/2 weeks after surgery to prevent spontaneous erections and poor wound healing. 


 Dr. McGinn recommends hair removal before MTF vaginoplasty. She doesn't require it though. Electrolysis is best, but if you want quick reduction you can try laser. If you are embarrassed to get professional services then you can try the Tria Laser (www.triabeauty.com) or Sillk'n (www.silkn.com) at home.

 You also may be able to do some of your own electrolysis at home with the One Touch system. The cheapest place to buy it is on Ebay, it usually costs about $10 USD. Make sure also get replacement tips though, they bend easily.

 I have found Tend Skin to work very well to reduce redness and bumps after electrolysis.  

How Much Does Dr. McGinn Cost?:

Male to Female (MtF) Price
Vaginoplasty (SRS): $18,500 USD
Labiaplasty: $4,300 USD
Tracheal shave: $4,300 USD
Breast Augmentation: $6,000 USD
Orchiectomy: $4,300 USD
Female to Male (FtM)  
Metoidioplasty: $15,500 USD
Subcutaneous Mastectomy (Top Surgery): $6,800 USD
Urethral Fistula Repair: $6,000 USD
Hysterectomy: $7,500 USD
Scrotoplasty: $4,300 USD
Metoidioplasty Repositioning and Liposuction: $4,300 USD
Testicular Implants: Contact


 The Papillon Center has a $1,000 USD non-refundable deposit for both MTF and FTM SRS/GRS.


 There is a $150 USD fee for the consultation. It is best to do it in person, but for MTFs it can be done over the phone if that isn't possible. FTMs must come in person because it is a riskier surgery.

Length of Stay:

 You will need to stay in New Hope for at least 2 weeks. You should consider getting travel insurance and expect to stay longer in case you need more time.


 After MTF SRS, you will need to use a vaginal dilator for the rest of your life. This is to retain the depth. Each surgeon has slightly different methods of dilation, you will need to follow your surgeon's instructions.


 You should make sure to check the cost of traveling when calculating the price of surgery. You can use www.skyscanner.net and www.priceline.com to find the most affordable flights.

Additional Information: 

For additional information please visit Dr. McGinn's website or email her at PapillonCenter@gmail.com.

Review or Comment:

 If you have a review, question or comment about Dr. McGinn, please post below or in the forums.