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Dr. Meltzer SRS/GRS Guide:


Dr. Toby R. Meltzer M.D.
7025 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite # 302 
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Phone: (1) 480-657-7006 Toll Free: (1) 866-876-6329 (TRM-MDAZ)
Fax: (1) 480-657-7020
Email: info@tmeltzer.com
Website: www.tmeltzer.com

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 The following information is provided as a guide to assist in discovering, researching and selecting a surgeon. After you have narrowed down your search, it is your responsibility to double check the information and ask them any questions that you may have. If you discover any updated or incorrect information, please email info@tssurgeryguide.com so that it can be corrected. Thank you.


 Doctor Toby Meltzer M.D. is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona. He graduated in 1983 from the LSU Medical School. He opened his clinic in 2003. Dr. Meltzer currently does about 200 SRS (sex reassignment surgery) operations a year. He specializes in both MTF and FTM surgeries.
 Dr. Meltzer does a two stage SRS, if you are MTF. First he will do the vaginoplasty, and then at least three months later you can come back for labiaplasty if you wish. He does this to give your body time to heal and re-establish blood flow.


Male to Female (MtF)
Breast Augmentation
Facial Feminization
Tracheal Shave
Vaginoplasty (SRS/GRS)

Female to Male (FtM)
Genital Masculinization
Mastectomy (Top Surgery)
Testicular Prosthesis
Urethral Lengthening

SRS Requirements:

Dr. Meltzer follows the WPATH standards of care.

Surgery Letters:
 You must have two letters of recommendation for surgery. Dr. Meltzer will need to receive them two months before your surgery date. At least one needs to be from someone with a PhD. They can be from a licensed therapist, counselor, psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist.
(List of online therapists that can provide surgery letters)

 Dr. Meltzer requires you to either get genital electrolysis or laser hair removal before surgery. Laser will only work for people with dark hairs. If you are too embarrassed to get it professionally done then you can try the Tria laser hair removal system (www.triabeauty.com
) or Silk'n (www.silkn.com) at home first. If you do not get electrolysis and/or laser then you will have hair growth in your vagina.

 You also may be able to do some of your own electrolysis from home with the One Touch system. The cheapest place to buy it is on Ebay, it usually costs about $10 USD. Make sure to buy replacement tips though, they bend easily.

 I have found Tend Skin to work very well to reduce redness and bumps after electrolysis.  

 You should report any health problems such as diabetes before scheduling your appointment. You will need to be medically cleared before surgery and get blood work done. It will come up then if you do, so please be honest.

 You must have been taking hormones for at least a year prior to your surgery date. Please note that you will need to stop HRT two weeks before surgery to reduce the chance of blood clots.

Real Life Experience:
You need to have at least a year of living full time in the new gender role before genital surgery.

 Dr. Meltzer requires for you to be at least 18 years old. If you are an older patient, your health will be the determining factor. If he can safely perform surgery on you, then he will.

 You will need to quit smoking at least a month before and after your SRS date. This is so that you can heal and have the best results.

How Much Does Dr. Meltzer Cost?:  

 As of 2013, Dr. Meltzer charges $23,689 USD for vaginoplasty. He can do labiaplasty at a later date for $5,564. If he didn't do your previous surgery, then labiaplasty will cost between $7,500 and $9,000 USD. 50% of the fee needs to be paid six weeks before surgery. SRS must be paid for in full four weeks prior to your surgery date. You can pay by debit, credit, cash, money order or wire transfer. Dr. Meltzer does not accept personal checks.

FTM top surgery currently costs $11,500 USD. 

Please contact Dr. Meltzer for more information about these and other procedures.

 The deposit for scheduling an appointment is $2,500 USD. It is non-refundable. It will lock in the current price rate for up to 12 months. However, hospital or anesthesia costs may go up outside of Dr. Meltzer's control.

Consultation Fee:
 Dr. Meltzer charges a $100 USD fee for your consultation. This needs to be paid 4 weeks before your consultation date.

Wait Time:
 You will usually need to schedule your appointment 3 to 6 months before the time you would like to have sex reassignment surgery.

 For MTF SRS, you should plan to stay a total of 10 days. One of these days is before your surgery for your pre-operative visit. The other 9 days you will be staying at the recovery care center in the hospital.

 After FTM top surgery you will stay in the Recovery Care Center of the hospital for one night. You will be required to stay in the Scottsdale area an additional four to six days. You may stay in a hotel after the hospital stay, if a friend or family member accompanies you that can help with your care.


Time Off Work:
 Dr. Meltzer recommends for you to return to work no sooner than 2 weeks after MTF SRS. If your job is more physically active then you should take off up to 8 weeks.

 On the FTM side, recovery time can be about the same length of time. The longer that you can arrange time off from work the better for your health.

 You will be able to carefully start walking the day after vaginoplasty. After two weeks you won't have many restrictions, but it can take 4 to 8 weeks to get your normal energy level back.

 After MTF SRS, you will need to use a vaginal dilator for the rest of your life. This is to retain the depth. Each surgeon has slightly different methods of dilation, you will need to follow your surgeon's instructions. 

 FTM top surgery (mastectomy) commonly can leave scarring on your chest. You can take precautions to prevent scars. You will need to follow general surgical aftercare

 Trans men have found silicone scar sheets very effective in reducing the visibility of scars after top surgery.


Facial Feminization Surgery:
 Dr. Meltzer requires you to come in for a consultation and x-rays before giving you a cost estimate.


 Please make sure to check the cost of traveling to Arizona. If you need to fly www.skyscanner.net and www.priceline.com
are good places to compare and find the most affordable and fastest flights.

Additional Information:
You can visit Dr. Meltzer's website or email info@tmeltzer.com.


Review or Comment:
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