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Dr. Reed SRS/GRS Guide:


Dr. Harold M. Reed, M.D., F.I.C.S.

1111 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor, Florida 33154
Phone: (1) 305 865-2000
Email: Reed@srsMiami.com
Website: www.srsmiami.com

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  Doctor Harold Reed M.D. performs surgery at his office in Florida, which is built to the state of Florida's Department of Health specifications. For your safety he requires an overnight stay for all primary procedures. He personally stays the night to ensure your safety and health, and also has an Advanced Cardiac Life Support approved registered nurse on staff. It is because of this and his expertise, that he has never had any life threatening complications or mortalities.

Dr. Reed's Technique:

 Dr. Reed's approach is penile skin inversion which is usually supplemented with a scrotal skin graft extension. Preoperative stretched penile shaft skin lengths are taken into account.

 About 2 inches (5.1 cm) are lost going around the pubic symphysis, so a length of 4 inches (10.2 cm) means a vaginal depth of 2 inches (5.1 cm). Since this isn't very much, scrotal grafts can add 3 more inches (7.6 cm) of depth. If you consistently use a stent after surgery, you can add another 2 inches (5.1 cm).

Requirements for SRS:

 Dr. Reed follows the WPATH standards of care. He requires two letters of recommendation, one from a licensed therapist with a doctoral degree, and the other from a therapist with at least a master's degree. One letter is a thorough review of the psychodynamics of the patient, and the other is a letter of concurrence.

 He requires the letters to be written on professional letterhead and include the clinician's background, education and societal memberships. It should end with an invitation to discuss any concerns.

 Your therapist should ensure that you aren't suicidal, are emotionally stable, and that you have been living as the new gender full time. The therapist should also check that you don't have any substance abuse problems or ambiguity about the procedure, as well as make sure that you don't have any chance of remorse. It should finish with a strong recommendation for surgery.

 WPATH guidelines aren't strict regulations, but changes should only be considered after intense discussion with your therapist.

These Requirements Must Always Be Met:


  1. Realistic expectations
  2. Both letters of recommendation
  3. Patient must be happy in new gender role
  4. Realization that the surgery is irreversible
  5. Experience living as the new gender for at least a year

(List of online gender therapists that provide surgery letters)

Physical Requirements:

 For your own safety all patients are evaluated as per Physical Status Classification of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). Dr. Reed does not accept patients with PS-3 (severe systemic disease that results in functional limitations, including poorly controlled diabetes with vascular complications, angina pectoris, prior myocardial infarction, or pulmonary disease that eliminates activity. In general, type I diabetics are considered a class 3 patient unless proven otherwise by a negative thallium stress electrocardiogram (ECG) and acceptable glycosylated hemoglobin A1-C.

 Although hormones are very helpful for most transgender individuals, Doctor Reed does not require hormones for surgery. This is because some people are unable to take hormones for medical reasons, while others already have the right hormones naturally.

 During your intial phone consultation you will discuss any medical issues that you have, if you smoke, your height and weight and if you have HIV. You must be a healthy weight. HIV doesn't prevent getting surgery as long as it is under control.

Age Requirements:

 Dr. Reed's oldest patient was 62. Age doesn't generally matter as much as strictly following instructions.

 A thallium stress ECG is generally required for anyone over 40, or on antihypertensive/cardiac medications, or diabetic, or overweight. Medical clearance with an ECG and chest x-ray and coagulation studies is required for all patients regardless of age.


 Dr. Reed requires getting genital electrolysis prior to MTF surgery. Laser hair removal should help to reduce the dark hairs. I would get that first and then get any hairs that are left with electrolysis.

Hair Removal Diagram

 If you are embarrassed to get genital hair removal you can try the Tria laser hair removal system (www.triabeauty.com) at home. This should at least reduce the time that you will need professional services. You could also try Silk'n (www.silkn.com) as an alternative.

 You also may be able to do some of your own electrolysis from home with the One Touch system. The cheapest place to buy it is on Ebay, it usually costs about $10 USD. Make sure to buy replacement tips though, they bend easily.

I have found Tend Skin to work very well to reduce redness and bumps after electrolysis. 

Preparing for Surgery:

 You should start a bowel preparation 24 hours before surgery. This includes drinking clear liquids only, and taking citrate of magnesia. You will get an enema. Right before surgery you will need to take neomycin sulfate and metronidazole.

Post Operative Care:

 The next day you will be transferred to a local hotel and put on an unrestricted diet as tolerated. Most patients are up several times the first day after surgery. Generally 3 or 4 days after surgery you should be well enough to be able to walk around to local stores.

 The Jackson Pratt drain is removed when drainage is less than
15 cc in 24 hours, usually day 3 to day 5. On postoperative day 7, packing is removed along with pullup sutures. Patients are taught how to use stents and how to douche.

 Discharge instructions are reviewed again. About 80% of patients can return home that day. You can usually remove your catheter on day 12. This reduces the likelihood of urinary retention that occurs in 20% of patients that remove the catheter on day 7.

How Much Does Dr. Reed Cost?

Male to Female (MtF)

Vaginioplasty: $14,500 USD
Labiaplasty: $3,000 USD
Breast Augmentation (saline): $5,000 USD
Orchiectomy: $2,500 USD

Female to Male (FtM)
Metoidioplasty: $12,500 USD
Penile Implantation: $8,000 USD
Testicle Implants: $5,000 USD
Top Surgery: $5,000-$8,500 USD


Dr. Reed charges $250 for a consultation.


Dr. Reed has a 50% deposit to schedule surgery, and the balance must be paid in full prior to surgery.


 After MTF SRS, you will need to use a vaginal dilator for the rest of your life. This is to retain the depth. Each surgeon has slightly different methods of dilation, you will need to follow your surgeon's instructions.

Pictures of Dr. Reed's Results:

You can view pictures of Dr. Reed's surgical results at the following links. These links contain nudity.

Male to Female SRS
Breast Augmentation
Female to Male Top Surgery
Female to Male SRS


 You should make sure to check the cost of traveling when calculating the price of surgery. You can use www.skyscanner.net
and www.priceline.com to find the most affordable flights.

Additional Information:

 For additional information please visit Dr. Reed's website or email him at admin@srsmiami.com.

Review or Comment:

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 I would like to thank Dr. Reed for his assistance with providing information. Although he is very busy, he took the time to help and seemed really kind.