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Gomez Peer Review:

What is Gomez Peer?

 Gomez Peer is a program that pays you to test websites in the background of your computer. You can't actually tell that it is running, and it doesn't slow down your computer. I usually make $6-8 per month just letting it work. That might not be that much, but it is basically free money. It requires no effort after installing. You can also make more, the more computers that you use it on.

 The only problem that I ever had with Gomez Peer was that it took about a month of running it to be approved. I was activated about a day after I emailed them, so I'm not sure if that's why it took a month or not. To be approved you have to run it
often enough to be accepted.

Here is a screenshot of a payment from them:

If you are interested, try
Gomez Peer.

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