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Your Guide to Transgender Surgeries

Online Gender Therapists:

(A list of therapists that can provide you with a letter of recommendation for surgery.)

All letters of recommendation for sex reassignment surgery should follow the WPATH standards of care.

Dr. Grahm Peveller Ph.D.

Laguna BelAir Laguna. Philippines
Email: etherapy@gmail.com
Website: www.gendertherapist.com 

Dr. Peveller will conduct therapy sessions with you online via a secured instant messenger. He has variable pricing. He offers a discount rate of $35 USD per hour session for those who don't have much money.

I have never heard of any surgeon declining one of Dr. Peveller's letters. I have personally verified letter acceptance with several surgeons including Dr. Leis, Dr. Reed, Dr. McGinn, Dr. Medalie and Dr. Preecha.

Dr. B. Eli Budd, Ph.D.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Phone : (1) 404-873-5517
Email: bebudd@bebuddphd.com


You can participate in sessions with Dr. Budd online in video chat, with Skype (www.skype.com). His sessions are $80 USD for 30 minutes or $155 USD for a hour.

Dr. Carl Bushong
Email: services@docbushong.com
Website: www.docbushong.com 

Dr. Bushong conducts his therapy sessions over the phone. He also can remotely monitor your hormone levels if you go to a local lab and send him the blood test results. He charges $135 USD for a 50 minute session.

Dr. Carol Clark
Miami, Florida, USA
Phone: (1) 305-891-1827
Email: counselor@drcarolclark.com


Dr. Carol Clark can have a session with you either by Skype (www.skype.com) or on the phone. As of 2012 she charges a $225 fee for the document review, session and letter, if you go to her for the secondary letter. She takes credit cards on her website.

Caroline Gibbs, LPC, NCC
Transgender Institute
7140 Wornall Road, Suite 203
Kansas City, MO 64114 USA
Phone: (1) 816-305-0943
Fax: (1) 816-216-7177
Website: www.transinstitute.org

Dr. Lori A. Jespersen, Psy.D
California, USA
Phone : (1) 707-328-1268
Email : drljespersen@gmail.com

Dr. Lori Jespersen can have a session with you online and uses a sliding fee scale.

Amy B. Kaplan, LCSW
113 University Place #1008
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (1) 212-358-1884
Email: info@amikaplan.net
Website: www.amikaplan.net

Ami Kaplan does in person, phone and Skype (www.skype.com) therapy sessions. She has variable pricing.

Lisette R. Lahana, MSW, LCSW
Gender Therapy and FTM Partners Group
445 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 104
Oakland, CA 94610 USA
Phone: (1) 510-915-4795
Email: Therapy@LisetteLahana.com
Website: www.LisetteLahana.com

Lisette Lahana does 50 minute phone or web cam therapy sessions for $125 USD. 

Dr. Audrey Lehmann, PhD, LMFT
201 West Main Street
Medford, OR 97504 USA
Phone: (1) 541-896-1564
Email: audreylehmannmft@gmail.com
Website: www.audreylehmann.com

Dr. Audrey Lehmann can do phone or video/Skype (www.skype.com) sessions with you. She works on a sliding scale, from $90 to $130 per session.

Melissa Leonhardt, MA, NCC, LPC
North Carolina, USA
Email: brandnewdaycounseling@gmail.com
Website: www.brandnewdaycounseling.com

Melissa Leonhardt offers e-therapy chat sessions at $40 USD for each 45 minute to 1 hour session. If you decide to proceed with your online e-therapy you can arrange 3 sessions at a rate of $105 USD. She charges an additional $40 for a letter of recommendation for surgery. She prefers to be paid by Paypal. 

Dr. David J. MacIntyre, Psy.D., LPC
1201 Callon Street
Wausau, WI. 54401, USA
Phone: (1) 715-845-5493
Email: drmaccompass@gmail.com

Website: www.compasscounsels.com

Dr. David MacInyre is able to do therapy sessions in person or on Skype (www.skype.com). He charges $165 per 45 minute session. Contact him for information about discounts that he may have available for financial hardship or online therapy.

Marybeth Markham, MA, LMHCA

Marycliff Center
701 West Seventh Avenue, Suite 107A
Spokane, WA. 99204, USA
Phone: (1) 509-795-6437
Website: www.marybethmarkham.com

Marybeth Markham has the options of using either Skype (www.skype.com) or phone. She uses a sliding fee scale, so please contact her for pricing.

Marnee Reiley, M.A., MFT Intern (IMF 61489)
4010 Barranca Parkway, Suite 252
Irvine, CA 92604
Phone: 949-648-7991
Email: YourOCTherapist@gmail.com
Website: www.YourOCTherapist.com

Marnee Reiley is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern in Irvine, Orange County, California. Marnee works in an affirming, collaborative manner, follows WPATH standards of care, and creates a safe and non-judgmental space for her clients to explore what feels most authentic for them.  

The fee for a 50-minute session is $125; clients must be California residents and Skype sessions can be arranged as an adjunct to in-person therapy.

Employed and supervised by Dr. Chantal Kendall, PSY 21287.

Shawn McGill, MSW, LSW
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Phone: (1) 412-478-8336
Email: smcgillmswconsulting@gmail.com

Shawn McGill conducts her therapy sessions either by Skype (www.skype.com) or on the phone. Therapy sessions are on a sliding scale, ranging from $60-90 per hour. Flat fee for letters of recommendation is $200 and includes document review, one session and the letter. Credit cards accepted through PayPal.  

Michele O'Mara, MA

2680 E. Main Street, Suite 121
Plainfield, IN. 46168, USA
Phone : (1) 317-517-0065
Email : michele@micheleomara.com
Website: www.onlinegendercounseling.com

Michele O'Mara can talk with you on Skype (www.skype.com). Her sessions cost $115 USD for 50 minutes, $175 for 85 minutes.

Trey Polesky, MSW, LSW

2416 E. Washington Street, Suite A2
Bloomington, IL. 61704, USA
Phone: (1) 773-819-5428
Email: treypolesky@gmail.com
Website: www.treypolesky.com

Trey Polesky uses Skype (www.skype.com). His fees are on a sliding scale so contact him for pricing.

You will need a webcam for Skype sessions. If you need one www.ebay.com usually has one for a low price or even used.