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Dr. Suporn SRS/GRS Guide:


Dr. Suporn Watanyusakul M.D.
The Suporn Clinic
Chonburi, Thailand
Fax: +66 38 780569
Email: admin@supornclinic.com
Website: www.supornclinic.com

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 The following information is provided as a guide to assist in discovering, researching and selecting a surgeon. After you have narrowed down your search, it is your responsibility to double check the information and ask them any questions that you may have. If you discover any updated or incorrect information, please email info@tssurgeryguide.com so that it can be corrected. Thank you.


 Doctor Suporn Watanyusakul M.D. is an aesthetic plastic and reconstructive craniofacial surgeon. He specializes in performing SRS (sex reassignment surgery), FFS (facial feminization surgery) and breast implants. The Suporn Clinic is in Chonburi, Thailand.

 Dr. Suporn has two decades of experience in sex reassignment surgeries. He was trained by Dr. Preecha in Thailand. As of 2012, he has currently completed about 2,000 SRS procedures. He has operated on patients from over 40 countries. Dr. Suporn schedules about 160 SRS, and 50 FFS operations per year. He personally performs all surgeries at his clinic. 

Dr. Suporn is best known for his SRS technique that he invented in the year 2000. He uses a non penile inversion method. It is a one stage procedure, and many people think it provides better results. With his method he usually achieves about 7 inches (17.8 cm) of vaginal depth.


 Dr. Suporn has a lifetime guarantee on all of his surgeries. If you need any revisions, or corrections he will pay for them free of charge. You will need to pay your own transportation costs.


Requirements for SRS:

You must meet the WPATH standards of care.

Letters of Recommendation:

 You are required to have an original, signed letter from a therapist, psychiatrist or psychosexual psychologist. The letter must contain and confirm that SRS is the recommended treatment for you, and that you have gender identity disorder. It should also state that you have lived full time for at least a year and that you have been taking hormones if medically possible. It must have a name and contact information to verify.

 To ensure that you will be accepted for surgery, you should send Dr. Suporn a copy before scheduling. You must bring the original signed copy to him before you can get SRS. He will make no exceptions for this, so please make sure that you can get him a signed copy.

 If your letter is missing some of this information, such as how long you have lived in the female role, then you may be able to show him two forms of proof that you have at least legally changed your name a year before surgery.

(List of online therapists that can provide a letter for surgery)



 You can't go to Dr. Suporn if you have HIV. He will confirm this with a test before surgery. If you have HIV, I would check out Dr. Preecha. He trained Dr. Suporn and will do patients that are HIV positive as long as you are in ok health. He charges 30% extra because of the cost of disposable equipment.


 Dr. Suporn does not require electrolysis before surgery. If you want to remove hair prior to surgery you can get electrolysis on your perineum. If you want it in any other areas you should use laser because electrolysis can scar the tissue needed for his technique. You can try the Tria laser (www.triabeauty.com) or Silk'n (www.silkn.com) for home use if you have dark hairs.

 You also may be able to do some of your own electrolysis at home with the One Touch system. The cheapest place to buy it is on Ebay, it usually costs about $10 USD. Make sure to also get replacement tips though, they bend easily.

I have found Tend Skin to work very well to reduce redness and bumps after electrolysis.  


Available Dates:

You can check Dr. Suporn's schedule at: www.supornclinic.com/clients/calendar.htm

 If you schedule on a Monday, you will need to come before the previous Friday for your consultation and testing.


 Dr. Suporn requires a 20% deposit within 21 days of scheduling an appointment. You must pay in full at least 30 days before your scheduled surgery, or he can give the date to someone else. He will not perform surgery without being fully paid. As long as you cancel or reschedule before 60 days prior to your surgery date, then there will be no fee.

How much Dr. Suporn Costs for SRS:

 His current SRS pricing for 2012 is 495,000 Thai Baht (about $15,700 USD). He will raise his price in January of 2013 by up to 10%. This includes all expenses except traveling to Thailand, hotel lodging and food outside of the hospital. The hotel that he recommends costs 1,550 Thai Baht per night (about $50 USD) and includes breakfast. You are allowed one guest to stay in your private room while in the hospital for free, but they will need to pay for their own food.

 You will also have access to the wireless internet included. I know that once I can afford surgery, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have access to the internet. :)

 He will also give you a CD of images from your surgery for free, which you may or may not want to look at...and you will finally get your letter stating that you have had surgery completed. If you want a notarized copy, there is an extra 2,000 Thai Baht (about $65 USD) fee.

Pictures of Suporn's SRS Results:

You can see pictures of Dr. Suporn's vaginoplasty results at the link below. Link contains nudity.



 After SRS, you will need to use a vaginal dilator for the rest of your life. This is to retain the depth. Each surgeon has slightly different methods of dilation, you will need to follow your surgeon's instructions. 


 Dr. Suporn does not book flights for you, so you will need to research the cost before scheduling. Depending on where you live, a round flight ticket could be thousands of US dollars. www.skyscanner.net and www.priceline.com are good places to check because they will compare prices to find the most affordable flights.

 You will need to plan your flight to go to the Bangkok International Airport. Dr. Suporn will provide transportation from there to his clinic in Chonburi.

Facial Feminization Surgery:

 You will need to contact Dr. Suporn and send him pictures for a FFS cost estimate. A full FFS surgery should be between 850,000 and 1,100,000 Thai Baht (about $27,000-$35,000 USD). He will only do a partial FFS procedure at the same time as SRS. If you want the full FFS, then you will need to wait two weeks after SRS so that you can have time to heal. If you do this, you will need to stay another three weeks after FFS. The Suporn Clinic can provide you with a free FFS assessment.


 The Suporn Clinic prefers to be paid in a strong currency such as U.S. dollars or Euros, rather than Thai Baht.

Passport, Visa, Vacinations:

 If you don't live in Thailand then you must have a passport, and depending on your country, you might also need a visa. You should also check to see if you will need any vacines before entering the country.

Additional Information:

For more information please visit Dr. Suporn's website or you can email

Review or Comment:

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